What is the difference between International and Domestic PRN?
If you would like to offer paid service, such as gaming, erotic, consulting, and for these purposes you need a Premium Rate number, likely you will choose Domestic PRN. But keep in mind that these numbers work only in the country in which they were issued.
Also you can use International PRN, but these numbers may not always be available to your customers.
If you have a cheap traffic you can make your salary calling on paid numbers.
How to start to work with Domestic PRN?
For a start select the country (ies) where you would like to open paid numbers.
There you can also choose the tariff, it will be your next step. As you can see, you may set up tariff per call as well as per minute. Then we need your services superficial description, just let us know, what you will offer for your clients – gaming, consulting, erotic.
How to start to work with International Premium Rate numbers?
1. Test numbers.
First of all, you should test our numbers to find out have you got an access.
2. Fill registration form
An account manager will set up your account.
3. Contact us
Then, contact us and we will add the number to your account.
Where can I find test numbers?
Test numbers as well as payout terms you can find in our web site TEST NUMBERS.
How can I obtain my revenue?
We support various payment systems for your convenience.
We are able to make money transfer via
* Western Union,
* Money Gram,
* OpalTransfer,
* Web Money,
* Bank Wire.
How often I will get paid?
On International PRN you will get paid after 1-2 days when you finish your weekly work. If you can make large volumes, we always can discuss payout terms.
Payment terms on Domestic PRN are depending on your chosen country. Minimum it may be 30/35 (35 days after you finish your monthly work) and maximum it may be 30/90 days.
Please keep in mind, that we couldn’t pay you faster than we obtain money from supplier.
What are the guarantees that I will receive my money?
Premium Connect plays a significant role in the international premium rate industry. With millions of minutes of monthly turnover, we can ensure our customers and resellers that they will always be paid on time.
Can I have live chat with Premium Connect team?
Yes you can! Just add us in skype. From the contacts page you can find our contacts .You can have live chat with us on skype or send us email. We will wait you to contact us. Do not hesitate to ask for anything. We will be glad to answer all your questions!



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